Option A:J.K Option B:J/K
Option C:N.m/sec Option D:Kgm2/sec2.K
Option A:efficiency Option B:coefficient of performance
Option C:both A and B Option D:not described
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Option A:isothermal Option B:isochoric
Option C:isobaric Option D:isentropic
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Option A:1.67 Option B:1.4
Option C:γ = 1.3 Option D:None
Option A:Heat exchange process Option B:Heating process
Option C:Isentropic process Option D:All of the above
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Option A:constant Option B:variable
Option C:zero Option D:depends on situation
Option A:cyclic process Option B:operated at certain temperature difference
Option C:both A and B Option D:none of these
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Option A:to smooth out the energy variation Option B:to add more weight to engine to work it stable
Option C:to start engine Option D:both A and B
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Option A:C.I engine Option B:SI engine
Option C:I engine B. SI engine C. IC engine Option D:all the above
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Option A:internal energy Option B:heat supply
Option C:pressure Option D:volume
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Option A:K = RNa Option B:K = R/Na
Option C:K = Na/Ra Option D:K = nRNa
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Option A:3NaT/2R Option B:2NaT/3
Option C:3RT/2Na Option D:3Na/2RT
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Option A:isobaric Option B:isochoric
Option C:adiabatic Option D:isothermal
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Option A:It is sum of all forms of energies associated with molecules of a system Option B:It is a state function of a system
Option C:It is proportional to transnational K.E of the molecules Option D:All are correct
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Option A:76cm 0°C Option B:760mm 273K
Option C:1atm 273K Option D:all of the above
Option A:460°C Option B:280°
Option C:360°C Option D:160°C
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Option A:at any instant Option B:averagely
Option C:during its operation Option D:during one cycle
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Option A:double Option B:one half
Option C:four times Option D:one fourth
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Option A:273°C at 6.11 Kpa Option B:273K at 61.6 Kpa
Option C:273.16°C at 0.611 Kpa Option D:273.16K at 750 Kpa
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Option A:momentum Option B:mass
Option C:velocity Option D:kinetic energy
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