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The Nokia X2-02 is a mobile phone model released by Nokia. Here’s some information about the ringer functionality on this phone:

The ringer on the Nokia X2-02 is responsible for producing sound alerts for incoming calls or messages. You can customize the ringer by selecting different ringtone options available in the phone’s settings. The Nokia X2-02 supports polyphonic ringtones, which means you can choose from a variety of built-in ringtones with different melodies and tones.

To access the ringer settings on the Nokia X2-02, you can follow these steps:

Go to the main menu of your phone.
Select “Settings” or “Settings & Tools” (depending on your phone’s menu structure).
Look for the “Tones” or “Tones & Ringtones” option and select it.
Within the Tones menu, you should find options to customize various sound settings, including the ringer.
From there, you can browse through the available ringtone options and select the one you prefer.
In addition to selecting a ringtone, the Nokia X2-02 allows you to adjust the volume of the ringer to your desired level. This can typically be done by using the volume control buttons located on the side of the phone.

Please note that the specific ringer options and settings may vary slightly depending on the software version and regional variations of the Nokia X2-02 phone model.


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